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Push To Browser Extension

With the TOTP browser extension, you can easily push your codes to your Chrome or Firefox browser. No need to manually type in the code ever again. 1 tap, that's all it takes.

Download the the extension for or Firefox.

Cloud Backup

Securely backup your accounts on your Google Drive. This make sure that even if you reinstall the app or lose the phone, all your data can be recovered in seconds.

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Robust Security

The app works flawlessly without any internet connection which keeps your data safe from any online manipulation. You can also add a security pin or set a fingerprint lock to prevent unauthorised access to the app.


Dark Theme Support

Do you love the dark mode? We sure do! Easily change between the light and dark mode on the app and widget. More power to you.

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Easy to Use Widgets

With TOTP Authenticator, you can add easy widgets to your home screen. No need to peek into the app for every login! Also supports dark them.


Make It Your Own

Love to control how the app interacts with you? Set custom account icons, app lock, favorites and more. Tune it to your own taste.

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Cross Platform Support

Easily transfer and use your accounts across Android and iOS devices. Backup your data on a device and simply restore on any device running the TOTP authenticator. Say goodbye to hassle.


Speak Your Language

We celebrate diversity, and so does our app. Use the app in any of the 7 pre-defined languages. Don't see your language in the app, reach out to us here! Support for iOS coming soon.

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