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TOTP Authenticator

TOTP authenticator app provides extra security to your accounts and protects your data from hijacking. The app uses 2-step verification to secure your accounts such as Google, Facebook, etc.

Problem Statement

Cyber security is the need of the hour. Millions of accounts get compromised every year. We developed TOTP Authenticator to help users to easily add another security layer to their online presence. Available for iOS and Android, the app combines best industry security practices with an intuitive user-experience.

The Solution

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Robust Security

The app works flawlessly without any internet connection which keeps your data safe from any online manipulation. You can also add a security pin or set a fingerprint lock to prevent unauthorised access to the app.

Multi Account Support

The app supports most of the multi-factor authentication accounts including but not limited to Google, Facebook, Github, Amazon, Dropbox. Support for more services is added regularly.

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Multi Device Usage

The app provides easy to use import/export functionality so that users can easily move their saved data between devices without the hassle of adding the configurations again.